Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is Cartoview? Is it a replacement for GeoNode?

    • Cartoview is Geo App market for GeoNode. It is not a fork / improvement / reprlacement of Geonode, but rather additional code aimed to make it more extensible to integrate third party apps directly from the browser.
  • What are the goals of Cartoview?

    • Sharing GIS Apps
    • Provide apps for common tasks like visualizing and querying feature services.
    • Extend the functions of the GeoNode SDI beyond data management
    • Provide a solid core of utilities that can be used to help developers integrate and deploy their Geo apps
    • Foster an ecosystem of apps extending easily deplyable and installable
  • Can I use Cartoview with GeoNode Version 2.4 and earlier?

    • Cartoview starts working with GeoNode 2.5
  • I have an idea! What should I do?

    • Please file an issue. Issues are a great way to discuss new ideas, build consensus and talk about implementation details.
  • I built something with Cartoview can I show you?

    • Absolutely! Share it on twitter with @ahmednosman , @Cartoview. You can add your project to the list in the readme too.
  • I built a reusable app can I contribute it?

    • Ofcourse. This is the purpose of Cartoview. Read the instructions on developing and deploying apps. Create an account on Cartoview.org and load your app. Your app will be immediately available to all Cartoview deployments
  • What are some good Cartoview Apps?

  • Running Cartoview on GeoNode and QGIS Server?

    • There is no reason for Cartoview not to work on this deployment. (This was never tested). Apps relying on GeoServer ofcourse will not work