This document describes the Installation of Cartoview with GeoNode on Windows 2.6.3


In case of any other version of GeoNode before 2.5 these steps will not be applicable.

Installation Requirements

  • Install Python2.7

    • Make Sure to add Python to the Path, as this is not done by default

    • Add python.exe to the PATH

      python setup python setup

  • Install Django 1.8.7 , Open Command Prompt then type:

    pip install django==1.8.7

Existing GeoNode Users

Check GeoNode and Cartoview version compatibility in PYPI Then install Cartoview


GeoNode == 2.6.3

  • Install Cartoview Libraries

    pip install Cartoview == <version>
  • Create Cartoview Project

    django-admin.py startproject --template=https://github.com/cartologic/Cartoview-project-template/archive/master.zip --name django.env,uwsgi.ini,.bowerrc <your_project_name>
  • Go to your Project Folder

    cd <your_project_name>
  • Detect Changes in app_manager

    python manage.py makemigrations app_manager
  • Create account table

    python manage.py migrate account
  • Create rest of database tables

    python manage.py migrate

  • Collect static Files

    python manage.py collectstatic --noinput
  • Now Development Server :

    python manage.py runserver

Deployment Notes

  • Important

    In Production Configure GeoServer before uploading layers from Here
  • Notes

    • Once Cartoview is installed it is expected to install all apps from the App store automatically
    • At the moment Cartoview will fully support Apache server only For nginx deployments, Cartoview will be able to detect new apps and get the updates, How ever to apply the updates, web server restart will be required to complete the process.
    • Cartoview will not be able to restart nginx when new apps are installed.
    • After you install or update apps from the app manager page you will need to restart nginx manually until this issue is addressed in the future
    • Follow these steps to get apps working on nginx
      • Collect static files using this commands
        python manage.py collectstatic --noinput
      • Restart server now you should restart server after installing any app